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Necessities for Our Neighbors

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We offer home delivery of essential items such as food and hygiene items - at no cost to recipeints. Typically, we provide three Meal Kits per delivery. We also offer Hygiene Kits for men, women, and children, upon reqeust.

Making ends meet is difficult for many financially-insecure households in the Spokane area. For that reason, we established a directory of free resources on our Facebook page, called Help Yourself! Still, there are individuals who cannot access local resources, due to disability or lack of transportation. In these situations, our volunteers provide necessities. We have an amazing Delivery Team that drops essentials at our recipients’ doorsteps! We keep a small pantry of basic items so that we can quickly respond to requests for needed items. When our pantry runs low, our volunteers shop to restock supplies. Some volunteers cover the cost; others request reimbursement. If you’d like to get involved in fulfilling requests for our recipients, please click the “Volunteer” button below!

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